Allow ITSOFT to consult with you when using the latest AI technology, to help you to use it to grow your company more than ever, because AI technology can help you grow your company more than ever because it is so smart.

ITSOFT stands out as a top-notch IT company located in Oklahoma City, providing consulting solutions to various businesses aiming to adopt cutting-edge AI technology. By leveraging the expertise of our AI consultants, you can propel your business to unprecedented heights. With AI’s intelligent capabilities, you gain the advantage of making astute decisions, leading to remarkable growth and expansion on a substantial level.

Help your business to grow smarter with Artificial Intelligence

AI systems have the ability to identify suspicious illegal activities and intervene in real-time, either by halting ongoing attacks or by preventing them from occurring altogether. This proactive approach significantly diminishes the risk of businesses falling victim to compromised data and losing the trust of their customers. Consequently, professionals and marketing enterprises can leverage artificial intelligence to effectively target their desired audiences. This approach not only proves to be more cost-effective but also yields superior results.

By harnessing AI, numerous operational tasks can be automated, allowing employees to be freed up and focus on more complex issues and critical decision-making. Additionally, AI enables swift completion of data analysis tasks that would otherwise take humans hours to accomplish. Consequently, the utilization of AI leads to cost reduction, minimizes resource redundancy, and concurrently enhances a company’s revenue stream.

What’s the role of Artificial Intelligence in your business?

Artificial Intelligence is a groundbreaking technology that offers remarkable opportunities, even for startups, to efficiently tackle substantial challenges, granting them a competitive advantage. Through the utilization of appropriate AI tools, businesses can enhance their analysis of customers’ pre, during, and post-purchase journeys, enabling the creation of personalized experiences that boost customer engagement and company revenue.

The implementation of predictive intelligence empowers companies to engage with their customers in a genuine and influential manner. By leveraging AI-based applications, businesses can personalize the sales cycle, effectively attracting more customers at precisely the opportune moments.

What’s the importance of data analytics and artificial intelligence in small business and society?

AI in business is gradually becoming indispensable in numerous aspects, ranging from predicting customer purchasing patterns to reducing the need for extensive data input.

When making decisions, it is important to exercise caution and avoid succumbing to initiatives influenced by technology vendors, thereby preventing hasty actions. Just because senior executives and boards of directors may feel pressure to adopt cognitive solutions does not mean that you should overlook the rigorous process of piloting and testing.

Furthermore, to achieve the desired results during the scaling-up process, companies should also prioritize enhancing productivity. For instance, many organizations aim to boost productivity by expanding their operations, acquiring more customers, and increasing transactions, all without requiring additional workforce.

How does Artificial Intelligence help in business growth?

ITSOFT employs a tailored approach in providing consultation services for Oklahoma City businesses, focusing on the most up-to-date AI technologies and tools to facilitate rapid growth. Explore the three distinct methods through which AI can accelerate progress and drive success for your company.

At a Sephora store, you can effortlessly find the ideal makeup shade that complements your complexion without needing to apply anything on your face. Color IQ employs facial scanning technology to analyze individual features and provide personalized recommendations for foundation and makeup products. Through the profound capabilities of artificial intelligence, the traditional in-store experience undergoes a remarkable transformation, elevating it to the next level by offering delightful personalized services to customers.

When incorporating physical data such as vital statistics, measurements, and pupil dilation rate, the extent to which recommendations can be customized becomes truly remarkable.

An excellent illustration of how AI is closing the divide between consumer personalization and privacy is observed in the widespread adoption of recommendation systems by eCommerce retailers. These systems employ algorithms that consider various inputs, including account information, customer preferences, purchase history, and more, to assist customers in finding the most suitable solutions.

Artificial intelligence leverages these algorithms to analyze your existing data and formulate optimal strategies for marketing content.The significance and applications of artificial intelligence in the business realm are of utmost importance for leading companies in today’s landscape.

Finding the right balance between operational efficiency and customer experience is crucial in the field of advertising. Intelligent technology solutions present an effective approach to optimize both aspects. While prominent organizations like Vanguard recognized the significance of work redesign when implementing Process Automation Systems (PAS), many companies simply automate existing work processes, often using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, without considering the full potential of AI capabilities to significantly improve the processes.

By automating established workflows, companies can swiftly implement initiatives and achieve a return on investment. However, they miss out on the opportunity to fully leverage AI capabilities and bring about substantial enhancements to the process. An initial evaluation is essential in identifying the areas of the business that would benefit the most from cognitive applications.

Despite the numerous ways to communicate with customers, such as telephone calls and emails, online chat remains the optimal and fastest method to connect with them. It offers convenience to customers as they can drop a message at any time to get their queries answered and doubts cleared. Furthermore, since customers are often logged into their social media accounts, such as Facebook, when browsing or searching online, businesses can make excellent use of Messenger functionality to provide instant online support and maximize engagement.

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