Servers are an incredibly useful method of storing large amounts of data but can be a real nightmare if they aren’t setup correctly. Our experts will set up and install your servers and ensure they run how you want them to.

ITsoft will handle the server design or the specifications of the server that will make it work perfectly for your goals. We match the needs of your company with the server setup that will make you successful. Successful in the business world means that your employees are able to work with your server equipment seamlessly.When we plan a server for your business setup, we look at your budget.

In today’s marketplace, there are quite a few vendors that sell hardware servers. There are even places where one can go to build your own DIY servers. With these vendors, there is an almost endless supply of configurations a customer can make for a server. We’ll take the guesswork out of figuring out what server fits your business and needs. There are many server setups that can meet your business needs. This means that we can find a setup that fits within your budget.

Server installation

ITsoft doesn’t just stop at the server specs; we also fully handle the setup and configuration of the server once it is on site. We come to your place of business to do all server setup. We also ensure that when a server is being set up that the transition is easy for your employees.

Once your server is installed, we will monitor the server for you. Monitoring your server means that we take the time to know what the problems are with your server. Monitoring helps increase the life of your server and decreases the chances of losing data. Client–server systems are today most frequently implemented by (and often identified with) the request–response model: a client sends a request to the server, which performs some action and sends a response back to the client, typically with a result or acknowledgement.



ITsoft is a MSP (Managed Service Provider) that can provide managed services, such as all IT support with software Programming.

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ITsoft LLC

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  • Give  your Company IT SUPPORT for all your office network
  • Get your company Cyber security setup and fully working
  • Transform your business app processes to be more efficient
  • Help your staff with training Windows Apps like Excel, Word
  • Program new business Apps for your staff, more efficiently

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