Servers are useful but if they aren’t secured properly, they can be hacked and your data can be compromised or stolen. We will secure and defend your servers from unwanted attacks and threats and find any vulnerabilities before anyone has a chance to steal your information.

Databases store confidential and sensitive information. Hence, it is the most important task of an organization to safeguard crucial information from being stolen and misused. It requires a layered defense and is especially important for organizations with customer-facing websites. Server security comes to being confidentially, integrity, availability of appropriate information and authentication.

Common Server Security issues faced
 Weak Passwords
 Open Network Ports
 Old Software Version
 Poor Physical Security
 Insecure CGIs
 Stale and Unnecessary Accounts
 Procrastination

Server Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Environments

To secure a server, it is essential to first define the threats that must be mitigated. Knowledge of potential threats is important to understanding the reasons behind the various baseline technical security practices. Many threats against data and resources are possible because of mistakes— either bugs in operating system and server software that create exploitable vulnerabilities, or errors made by end users and administrators. Threats may involve intentional actors (e.g., attacker who wants to access information on a server) or unintentional actors (e.g., administrator who forgets to disable user accounts of a former employee.) Threats can be local, such as a disgruntled employee, or remote, such as an attacker in another geographical area. Web server security is the protection of information assets that can be accessed from a Web server. Web server security is important for any organization that has a physical or virtual Web server connected to the Internet.

Risk assessments should be conducted to identify the specific threats against their servers and determine the effectiveness of existing security controls in counteracting the threats; they then should perform risk mitigation to decide what additional measures (if any) should be implemented. Performing risk assessments and mitigation helps organizations better understand their security posture and decide how their servers should be secured. An important element of planning the appropriate security controls for a server is understanding the threats associated with the environment in which the server is deployed.

A leaky server can cause a vital harm to an organization. So security is the most complex topic that the modern world is concerned about. A security breach incurs a cost for the organization in the terms of money as well as good will.



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