SeedX for full service restaurants is a new and innovative system that changes the way restaurants operate. SeedX allows staff to log in with various employee roles such as Manager, Server and Host, each with their own set of privileges. Available exclusively on the Clover POS system, SeedX FSR brings your menu to life with its’ easy-to-use ordering, multiple menus, menu pictures, categories & sub-categories, TableMapp (included with FSR), a personal restaurant management website & so much more! Note: For SeedX FSR to operate correctly, we recommend a minimum internet download speed of 30 Mbps as tested from your Clover device

The Item Menu displays your menu in an easy to use fashion. Organize your menu with categories and sub-categories, utilize coursing, show off pictures of your food and so much more! See what SeedX FSR can do for you!

Seed FSR

Show off your menu with SeedX’s in-app pictures! Show your customers real pictures of your food before they order.

Seed FSR

Managers have full access to in-app reports such as Server Performance, Employee and Restaurant End-Of-Day reports. Managers can view Restaurant Statistics, change employee roles, and assign server sections instantly with SeedX FSR.

Seed FSR

With SeedX, you’ll get your very own personal restaurant management website where you design your table map, customize your menus, read through a multitude of restaurant reports and so much more! The Manage Site is your behind-the-scenes for SeedX FSR. Access the manage site where ever you have internet access; on-site, at home or on the go.

Seed FSR

The Order List conveniently displays all the orders in your restaurant and allows you to organize them by order type [Dine-In, Tab orders, To-Go & Delivery] and order status [Open & Paid orders]. View the order list at any time throughout the day or recap at the end of the evening.

Seed FSR

SeedX’s Messaging feature makes it easy to instantly communicate with your managers and your entire staff. Inform staff of daily specials, birthday parties or just to say hi.

Seed FSR

With your SeedX FSR subscription, you also get full access to SeedX’s TableMapp. Build a digital version of your restaurant to keep track of your customers and their tables’ status. With TableMapp, you’re able to organize server sections, assign multiple servers and pay bills. Whether you have 5 tables or 5 banquet halls, TableMapp will keep you organized.

Seed FSR


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