Maintaining servers can be time-consuming and difficult if not serviced correctly. Our server engineers can monitor and maintain your servers on-site or remotely.

We like to do monthly and semi-annual maintenance checks of your servers. These checks enable us to determine if your server is up-to-date and find any hardware problems.

Maintenance of the server is important, because we find problems before they affect your business. If your company needs more networking capability, we then will efficiently and effectively design a network that fits for you.

Is your network able to handle all the traffic your company generates?

Are there computers in your organization that require network access, but you have no idea on the best solution? Do you have some newer hardware from a different vendor that you think you were oversold on? We evaluate what you currently have in place and whether this meets or exceeds what you actually need. Our teams of very knowledgeable IT technicians will then set up and configure the network design for your company. Here at ITsoft, we don’t just stop at designing and implementing a network for your company; we also offer the service of monitoring your network remotely and completing on a schedule preventative maintenance so you can rest assured that downtime will be as minimal as possible.