Allow ITSOFT to show you how you can have Artificial intelligence (AI) to significantly help you with your business performance and growth.   Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that is reshaping how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve business decision-making

Through using predictive modeling tools and different sources, AI helps companies make sense of giant amounts of customer knowledge. ITSOFT based in Oklahoma City is one of the leading firms that provide consulting and support services for AI technologies. At ITSOFT, we can show you how Artificial Intelligence can greatly help you boost business productivity, efficiency, and growth. AI is a very powerful tool that you should get familiar with before the world goes ahead of you.

Different Ways AI Can Help Small Businesses

  1. Image analysis and generation

Consumer buying patterns and other similar things associated with consumer behavior may be identified and discerned with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools. Besides, when combined with machine learning, both can greatly help in processing huge troves of data gathered by smart gadgets and IoT into a more comprehensible context for people.

Now there are fun AI image-generation devices available that let customers experiment with their creativity. They allow customers to generate high-quality images that can be edited nearly instantly. Book covers, inventory images, posters, and wallpaper, the software provides boundless possibilities.

  • Reducing costs of logistics

Machine learning tools are bringing down the excessive costs of getting merchandise to end users. For example, there are two complicating elements that make air freight expensive. First, employees such as freight regulators, cargo flight operators, freight forwarders and airport work as independent identities. Second, many sectors function just in time, which makes planning for the future difficult.

  • Streamline recruitment processes

We can help you find a cloud-based human resources software that’s designed for small businesses. It can help streamline HR processes corresponding to onboarding, efficiency management, time monitoring, and reporting, enabling companies to handle their workers more efficiently. By taking all the information, processing it and packaging it in an extra accessible, easy-to-understand format, executives not only make smarter selections but have extra time to concentrate on other important parts of their job function.

  • Gain hidden insights & information

With AI apps like Polymer and Tableau, you can access hidden insights and related info to boost productiveness and improve your small business’s operational efficiency.

  • Saving time on data intensive tasks

Cognitive technologies such as image analysis and generation tools are also playing a huge role in making data-intensive technologies succeed, together with automatic vehicles, the IoT, and smartphone and multichannel consumer technologies.

  • Optimizing video editing tasks

AI video editing tools—filters, transitions, titles, and color adjustments that are easy with automatic filters and LUTs, or much more nuanced with manual settings. However, the refined crop and rotate features let you get all the method down to the tiniest element to create precisely what you want from your footage. These could presumably be the steps that are extra time-consuming, extra vulnerable to errors or are merely greater price and even higher threat. This is where AI can help you out by identifying weak spots.

Since there is a huge gap between current and desired AI capabilities in small businesses, they should create pilot projects for cognitive functions earlier than rolling them out across the whole enterprise.

  • Document Evaluation

There is excellent potential in AI to make it work for corporations. However, it’s first important to understand the methods in which AI tools can drive high quality outcomes. Through an automatic document evaluation application that Deloitte developed, one team was able to enhance the scope of their contract evaluation process by up to 152,000 paperwork documents.

  • Streamline product presentation

AI-powered tools can streamline the method of presenting a product to market with professional websites and landing pages, create quality content, and close sales with just-enough human interaction. From efficiencies in enterprise operations and human assets to helping companies know their prospects, AI powers positive change.

  • Streamline accounting & financial processes

Certain tasks such as payroll processing, bookkeeping, creating invoices, and forecasting possible patterns are all typically done manually. However, these tasks can now be done with the help of AI. Now, even small companies can see the bigger picture.

Artificial Intelligence: AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS)

Initially, only large corporations with big budgets had access to AI technology. However, the arrival of AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) has come to stage the playground for businesses of all sizes. SMEs can adopt and implement AI technologies and solutions without impacting their budget significantly and becoming experts themselves. Organizations that worth staff as belongings, of course, seek to retain productive employees.

How to Choose an AI Tool

Remember to always use your judgment and hold your attention on the objective of what you are working on. You can first choose free trials to explore different features and see what they can do and then decide which AI tools are best for your business. So when you need a presentation sidekick, AI tools can positively shorten the time you are taking to succeed in a modern, interesting result. They will generate a refined presentation, full with pictures, text, a number of slide varieties, and layouts. It’s fresh, appears good, and is a pleasant place to begin so that you just can fill within the gaps, add right info, and get it prepared for the big second.

Get high-quality, personalized formulation for your project without having to seek for hours. Some AI tools have probably the most genuine supply of know-how information, entrepreneurial steerage, industry analysis, and startup recommendation.

If you are interested in e-commerce, telecommunications, or common business and technological advancements, you’ll love AI tools recommended by ITSOFT.

For example, the superior sample recognition capabilities of ML algorithms can detect new malware threats earlier than they even enter your system. What’s more, sophisticated social engineering scams and ever-evolving malware variations imply that traditional antivirus systems are now not sufficient to cope with threats. Legal enterprise duties swallow up countless hours of labor or important sums for hiring lawyers.

Are you ready to unlock the power of AI for your small business in Oklahoma City or surrounding areas? Contact ITSOFT now.



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