Techy Gadgets for gift giving
Amazon and Alexa have joined forces to make gift giving this Christmas a breeze!

Have you seen the Christmas decorations already in the stores? Yes, according to Retailers, Christmas is right around the corner!

Rumor has it that if we or those that we shop for are interested in trendy gadgets for our homes and vehicles that we won’t have to wander far from home to find them because Amazon has come to our rescue with eight new Alexa-driven smart gadgets. Imagine having an Alexa-powered Assistant in the kitchen with you, a smart refrigerator that can suggest recipes based on the items in your fridge. And then it will keep a running list of what is needed on your shopping list. Your Alexa-driven Assistant can man the microwave with your voice command of “Alexa, cook the potatoes”. Then after dinner with another voice command, you can start the dishwasher and tell it which setting that you prefer.

According to a report from CNBC (see link: ) Here are a few of the upcoming Alexa-driven gadgets that Amazon is planning to release towards the end of this year:
• An Amplifier
• An In-car Gadget
• A Microwave Oven
• A Receiver for your Home Theatre
• A Subwoofer
Along with the already launched SmartDoorBell, Amazon is stepping up to the potential of using Alexa in cutting edge and unforeseen ways.



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