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Computer Words and Terms

I have always appreciated books that have a glossary in the back of the book to define words that may be industry specific or just not a part of my current vocabulary. Now within the world of technology there are words that many in the know throw out there with free abandon since they were probably more or less brought up with these words. It may as well be a foreign language to some people who have not had the opportunity to be involved in cyberspace.
As I have been researching this topic, I see that there are volumes of terms and words that have come into our world that aren’t even showing in dictionaries. So I see this as being a much needed study.

I am enclosing a link to a web-based survey via SurveyMonkey to get a possible general feel of what Readers may want to know but were afraid to ask!  Tech Terms Glossary survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/683J6DC

Here are the 6 questions that you will be able to comment on:
1) What are your questions or concerns with Computer Terms and Words?
2) Tell me more, do you have qualms about some of the abbreviations used in texts? Like ROTFL or BRB…
3) To what extent, are children looking to you for help?
4) How much effort does it take you to figure out computer/technological terms?
5) Overall, how do you think that having this glossary and definitions list will help you?
6) What are specific terms or words would you like definitions for?

So here are 8 words to start us off:
1. Cyber: cyber is used or connected to other words involving the online world of the Internet together with connected computers or computer networks. For example: cybertalk, cyberart, cyberspace, cyberfashion, cyberage, cybernetics.
2. Cyberspace: cyberspace is thought of as a boundless environment providing access to information, interactive communication and in science fiction, it’s a form of virtual reality. Cyberspace is also defined more by the social interactions involved rather than its technical implementation.
3. Cyberattack: cyberattack is any attempt by an outside source to gain illegal access to a computer for the purpose of causing disruption, damage or harm. Cyberattacks and cybercriminals steal from, spy on, damage or destroy a computer network. When they gain unauthorized access to computers they are responsible for devastating results.
4. Cybersecurity: cybersecurity are the measures taken to protect computer and computer networks from cyberattacks. The precautions taken to guard against unauthorized access to our electronic devices have become multi-faceted because the attacks have become a threat on all levels whether personal, commercial or governmental.
5. Ad-blockers: Ad-blockers or ad filtering refers to the preventive measures that people can take to remove or alter online advertising. Online ads are delivered in many different forms whether a banner, a pop-up or embedded video.
6. Pop-ups: Pop-ups are a form of online advertising where another window suddenly appears and opens automatically on your screen. They tend to be interruptive and a distraction and can also slow your computer’s speed and take up storage space.
7. Netflix Bingers: Netflix Bingers are Netflix Viewers who obsessively watch an entire season of their favorite show within 24 hours of its release. Those who Netflix Binge Race considers this an “art of speeding” and are looking to be the First to finish. Though Netflix binge watching is a relatively new phenomenon, the number of people doing this world wide is staggering with the estimate being around 210,000,000!
8. Micro-influencers: Micro-influencers are considered to be one of the most trusted and effective ways for advertisers to reach consumers. The Micro-influencer collaborates with a business to create posts, videos, and other media. Micro-Influencers are of course, usually less expensive than the widely known Macro-Influencers. Micro-Influencers are defined as anyone who has a highly engaged and attentive follower base on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat.



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