Recommended download and upload speeds for internet experience
How fast is fast enough?

It all depends, if you are doing multiple tasks on-line or sharing your connection with multiple computers this may bog down the speed. Also your location may be another factor, if you are in an urban area there are faster cable and fiber plans available in contrast to a remote or rural area.

So how should you determine what is fast enough depends on the activities that you do.  Generally, most Internet providers give you different options of speed rates to choose from. And you will pay more for the faster speed.

Here are the recommended connection speeds for many common internet activities. These are based on “Mbps” which stands for megabits per second. Megabits are used to reference the upload and download speeds:

1-3 Mbps is usually good enough for email, playing video games (avoid downloading and uploading files while playing games) and Skype.
3-4 Mbps is the slowest possible speed for standard video streaming like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Hulu (for High Definition quality a minimum of 5.0 Mbps download is recommended)
5-10 Mbps is recommended for HD streaming and the 5.0 Mbps could still lead to video buffering especially if other connected internet gadgets are in use.
10-20 Mbps is the lowest speed recommended if your goal is to have a consistent and dependable internet experience. This is especially important if you download files and use cloud storage services.
20+ Mbps is the speed you need if you have SmartGadgets, multiple Users, and want reliable video streaming.

And to make this issue a bit more complicated, it may be another problem that is causing your internet experience to be s-l-o-w. The slowdown may be caused by a problem with the actual website that you are visiting.

Problem solvers also suggest that you need to check your internet connection speed and not with just one speed testing service but several different sites.  Start with your Internet provider’s advertised speed with your current plan and run their speed checking tools. Then do a similar test with other speed testing sites. Be sure to stop all activity using your network during your test. So no file sharing, downloading, video streaming, skyping otherwise the results will be distorted.
Also to measure your internet connection speeds more accurately:
• Use a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi.
• Test at different times of the day because internet traffic congestion during peak times may cause variations.
• Turn OFF anything that may be distorting the variations in speed.
• Make sure that your network is password protected and no one is using your Wi-Fi bandwidth. Perhaps this a good time to change the password.



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