ITSOFT can help businesses to get very efficient and organized with their new VOIP Phone and Messaging systems, it also help them to reduce cost very much

Businesses can enhance call support service and reduce operating costs for businesses with a large volume of incoming and/or outgoing phone calls. The telephony industry has increasingly implemented Internet Protocol communications (VoIP) over the years. However, businesses now require communication solutions that offer more than just voice calls, and many providers have shifted towards solely providing IP telephony. As a result, companies are rapidly transitioning to VoIP PBX techniques, which provide the advantage of merging data and voice networks.

ITSOFT, located in Oklahoma City, specializes in installing business VOIP phones. These systems are considered the best in the country and cater to all business requirements, boosting productivity.

How Does VOIP Phone and Message System Make Your Business Efficient?

Higher Productivity

VOIP phones can improve productivity by providing a user-friendly interface that consolidates all communication channels, allowing qualified employees to focus on conversations rather than administrative tasks. However, obtaining these stats in a busy company can be challenging due to time or target-based constraints, and involving multiple managers in creating reports can be a poor use of their time.

Build Customer Relationships

To address these challenges, 3CX offers advanced business options that maximize employee productivity and improve customer service. These options enable businesses to increase sales, provide support, resolve issues, and build customer relationships using the latest unified communications and technologies. Additionally, the plan includes the ability to host up to 25 video participants for an unlimited amount of time. However, it is important to note that while the license is free for 12 months, the “free” plan comes with a $100.00 annual hosting fee after that.

Better Features

Using consumer apps such as WhatsApp or Viber for communication between employees and customers can be difficult to monitor effectively, presents several security risks, and may come across as unprofessional. Conversely, calls can be forwarded to various office extensions and departments, increasing the possibility of connecting a caller to a live agent and achieving first-call resolution.

3CX provides industry-leading features such as call monitoring, call tagging, and native messaging, making it a comprehensive enterprise telephony provider. With ITSOFT, businesses can take advantage of all the features required in an enterprise-level solution, including custom installation of a web-based app, VoIP phone installation, and technical support, all in Oklahoma City. Our pricing is also flexible, allowing for greater affordability.

Easy to make calls, send messages, and set up conferences

Designed for sales and support teams, VOIP phone & messaging systems provide an excellent business communication solution that simplifies inbound and outbound calling. This cloud-based telephony solution is available in various configurations, including those suitable for startups, small teams, SMBs, and enterprise companies. However, to access the most advanced features, a higher-tier plan may be required.

With a modern and stylish communications solution that includes an impressive range of features for call and conference solutions, 3CX is an excellent choice. Innovative features include call analysis real-time text transcription, and a built-in AI that provides customized call scripts based on specific questions. Additionally, a mobile app ensures that users can stay connected from any location and device.

Mobile VoIP refers to the use of VoIP or web telephony on a smartphone or mobile device, often configured to make VoIP calls via Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G network.

Know How to Choose the Best VOIP Phones for Your Business

The 3CX solution is highly adaptable and comes with an excellent application for remote collaboration, which speeds up the customer support process even when a single agent is unavailable, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

This software is integrated into the agent workspace to provide a seamless customer experience. This software assists forward-thinking teams in quickly resolving issues while measuring and enhancing their phone support operations.

Additionally, the best business communication software features scripting that allows businesses to tailor scripts to their needs. Furthermore, integrating a searchable database into scripts can assist agents in quickly finding answers to questions.

What are the top qualities of Advanced VOIP Phone Systems?

The majority of VoIP phone systems come with a robust feature set, including auto attendant, voice mail, ring teams, and extensive reporting.

Many of the Unified Communications options are also available to provide you with support for online conferences, live chat, messaging, and even free calls. It offers your small businesses very fast, easy, secure, and trusted VoIP business phone system cost-effective rates. This ultimately helps a business improve communication with customers and clients.

As CRM integrations are already available with the system, most VoIP platforms works smoothly with and complement SaaS.

3CX offers the programmable cloud platform that offers your organization full control over how, when and what you deploy.

Fortunately, you can work with both communication platforms. Once your VoIP phone is configured, you and your employees will be able to make and receive calls from this phone.

You have the option to continue using 3CX for hosting or to self-host on-premises or in your private cloud. On a single platform, voice calling, web conferencing, staff chats, and online faxing are all combined and available. In general, VOIP phones are a very alluring choice for enhancing communication in startups.

Since users are synchronised, any changes you make to your customer list will also be reflected in 3CX. Moreover, the Calendar Sync feature regularly modifies users’ presence status according to their Outlook calendar. Call recording is a crucial element for compliance and high-quality assurance.

Overall, 3CX is the best UCaaS option you can discover for your company in the nation.

Are you ready to install 3CX VOIP phone & messaging systems in business in Oklahoma City? Connect with ITSOFT now. In Oklahoma City, we install VOIP phone systems as they are the best in nation and can cover all your business’s communication needs, while increasing your productivity.




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