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ITSOFT, located in Oklahoma City, provides assistance to businesses by providing IT security services. These services encompass a range of cybersecurity measures that are specifically designed to safeguard computer systems, networks, and internal knowledge from cyber attackers. By implementing these measures, IT security ensures the protection of critical information, making it extremely challenging for even highly skilled hackers to gain unauthorized access.

The primary goal of IT security is to uphold the confidentiality and safety of your company’s data. Cyber attackers may attempt to steal sensitive information or gain unauthorized access to a company’s financial accounts by exploiting an organizations’ or individuals’ confidential data. This underscores the crucial role played by cyber security experts, such as technical support, in safeguarding private information.

What’s the need for cybersecurity in your business?

Due to the widespread use of techniques and networks containing sensitive and valuable information across organizations of all sizes, cybersecurity has become an essential requirement. Its purpose is to protect all types of information from theft and damage. One effective solution is to transition these services to secure cloud-based versions, specifically for enterprise email. These cloud solutions are built and maintained using top-notch engineering and security expertise, offering an attractive value proposition.

It is crucial to ensure that all employees understand the importance of safeguarding any data stored on their mobile phones or laptops while they are outside the office. Creating strong, unique passwords for each device or account can become challenging to remember, and the need to repeatedly enter long passwords can slow down employees’ productivity. IT security companies provide internet links to informative resources from government agencies and private organizations that offer educational materials and tools related to cybersecurity. However, it’s important to note that these descriptions and links are for informational purposes only.

ITSOFT, located in Oklahoma City, provides customized security assessments to identify and address specific security vulnerabilities. They cover the entire compliance management lifecycle, from planning to implementing compliance strategies based on various international, industry-specific regulations and requirements. By outsourcing security responsibilities to ITSOFT’s managed Security Operations Center, businesses can reduce costs associated with hiring in-house experts. By scaling their services, companies can also allocate their IT resources to more critical strategic tasks.

As part of the risk assessment process, it is essential to determine where and how data is stored and who has access to it. Identify potential individuals or entities that may try to gain unauthorized access to the data and the methods they might employ. If your company’s data is stored in the cloud, you can seek assistance from your cloud storage provider to conduct a risk assessment.

We strongly encourage all businesses with on-premises systems to transition to secure cloud-based solutions as soon as possible. Small businesses, in particular, have seen a surge in cyber incidents, often lacking the resources to effectively defend against devastating attacks like ransomware. If you are a small business owner, you may have come across obsolete security guidance that proves ineffective in mitigating the most prevalent forms of compromise.

How to increase the strength of cybersecurity in your business?

In numerous instances of compromise, attackers managed to gain unauthorized access to the system administrator’s account, thereby obtaining complete control over all of the company’s assets. Antivirus software is capable of scanning for eight different types of threats, including malware, spyware, adware, and viruses. When considering the available options and security measures to implement, it is generally advisable to conduct a risk assessment, either independently or with the assistance of an external agency.

Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported form of fraud, surpassing physical theft. It is incumbent upon every business that employs internet services to establish security protocols that bolster both the trust of customers and the overall confidence in the business. Antivirus software alone is no longer sufficient to protect against cyber attacks. It is no longer a question of “if” but rather “when” businesses and institutions will become targets of cyber attacks. All indications suggest that cyber attacks will continue to increase in frequency and severity, making it imperative for businesses to prioritize the implementation of a robust cybersecurity program or strategy.

Cyber attacks can have a wide-ranging impact on organizations of any size, including financial losses, decreased productivity, damage to reputation, legal liability, and disruptions to business continuity. ITSOFT, located in Oklahoma City, collaborates closely with businesses to ensure the establishment of a robust cybersecurity infrastructure. With a focus on specific areas, they provide a variety of cyber and physical services aimed at enhancing the security and resilience of owners and operators of critical infrastructure.

It is important to create separate user accounts for each employee and enforce the use of strong passwords. Administrative privileges should only be granted to trusted IT personnel and key individuals.

What are the ways to protect your business from continuous cyber threats?

Cybersecurity threats continue to emerge regularly, often on a weekly or even daily basis. It is essential that your technical support team, along with all members of your staff, actively manage your cybersecurity measures. They possess the necessary expertise to address these threats and find solutions to potential risks that could compromise your company’s vital and valuable information. ITSOFT, based in Oklahoma City, offers a comprehensive range of dedicated cybersecurity services to safeguard your cloud or hybrid infrastructure at all levels.

To prevent thieves from stealing information when a phone is connected to a public network, it is important to enforce password protection, data encryption, and the installation of security software on users’ devices. Additionally, establish reporting procedures for lost or stolen devices. Through our collaborative efforts, we have implemented a solution that ensures personal authentication and secure access to information resources and your company’s infrastructure. By integrating security measures, you can rapidly develop high-quality, secure applications. We provide expert advice and implementation services to enhance software development through application security self-testing, self-diagnosis, and self-protection technologies.

Contact ITSOFT in Oklahoma City today to experience the benefits of our exceptional IT support and cybersecurity services. Our solutions empower your staff to achieve higher productivity levels and drive your company towards greater success.



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