ITSOFT can update your old phones with 3CX Business VOIP Phone System, the best in the nation, and reduces your cost, and increase your productivity.

If your business is old, it’s very common to have old communication systems, especially if they are not creating any problems. But, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s time to replace or update your old phones and other communication systems. This will ensure better communication, reduced cost, and increased productivity.

The solution is to update your old phones with 3CX Business VoIP Phone System. You will soon experience a difference in your business communication with your employees, clients, and customers.

Why should you update your old phones?

An older telephone system may be unable to deal with the growing calls for your company. Customers encountering these points would possibly turn out to be exasperated and choose to depart you for good. An older phone system may be incompatible with different office expertise, resulting in further delays.

It is time to place your old phones to some good use or no less than dispose of them in the proper way. Even if you’re now not using your old telephone, the following pointers will keep it safe until you decide what you’re going to do with it. And your locations and workforce are a serious part of that development. You want a cellphone system to keep up with workers who do business from home, the street, and even the other aspect of the continent. You can work from any place without worrying about additional hardware. And the best part, you’ll find a way to earn cash and rewards in return for sending your old gadgets for recycling.

Legacy systems include a bunch of issues, just like the tech being onerous to find and exchange. You may think your phone system isn’t outdated however legacy systems include hidden prices from upkeep and lack of security. You may help defend your data by simply not giving an excessive quantity of away in the first place.

Why should you choose 3CX Business VoIP Phone System?

Many business owners are reticent to change to a VoIP resolution because of fear they could be worse off. Many of us use Text Messaging now in the desire to talk on the phone or leave a voicemail. Everyone appears to be on the phone continually and leaving a message through text is proving to be a more effective approach to converse without interrupting somebody who’s already talking on the cellphone. If you receive a necessary message in a voicemail, you’ll be able to ahead that voicemail to a few different people routinely.

Not solely is 3CX the streamlined option to replace your corporation phone system, but you also don’t want to fret about setup. needs to evaluate the security of your connection before proceeding. You need to know you’re getting the best solutions for your small business.

Most employees will work fantastic with a standard, moderately priced IP cellphone. Top executives and administrators may benefit from a more advanced VoIP phone, which will permit them to save heaps of time and talk extra efficiently from the one system. Although most IP telephones could be manually configured, trendy software program options like 3CX provide plug & play configuration that eliminates all the hard work.

This makes VoIP methods inherently more scalable, as new extensions and branches could be deployed effortlessly without the need for added copper wiring and infrastructure. VoIP telephones are units linked to an IP phone system using LAN or the Internet.

In comparison, traditional phones work over the PSTN telephone community, which includes bodily copper wires. A VoIP telephone permits users to make telephone calls using VoIP, to any softphone, cellular device, or landline. A VoIP telephone could be an easy software-based softphone or a hardware device.

VoIP cellphone methods guarantee your small business communications are seamless and your employees remain productive – wherever they are. This hardware needs regular upkeep and costly software upgrades.

3CX is a software-based IP cellphone system that might be deployed on-premise or within the cloud. Through SIP trunks, it allows Voice, Video, Data, and Messaging to be sent over a web connection. You have the liberty to make your individual choices on everything from numbers to internet hosting solutions.

How are traditional phones different from the 3CX business VoIP phone system?

3CX owns the end-to-end PBX answer meaning issues could be resolved effectively with minimal downtime and disruption. An IP PBX may be managed through a web-based configuration interface or a GUI, permitting you to easily keep and fine-tune your telephone system. Proprietary telephone techniques have difficult-to-use interfaces which are often designed to be used solely by cellphone technicians.

Many of those systems, nevertheless, can also include stigmas of being difficult and expensive to install, preserve, and scale. Data shows that businesses can save between 30-75% when shifting to VoIP companies. Our Hosted (Cloud-based) Phone System doesn’t require large upfront investments like conventional phone methods. 3CX is greater than an easy business phone system, offering unified communications together with superior options. 3CX provides a softphone – an app that can be installed on your cell phone.

3CX is designed to be straightforward to put in and manage, and it could be run on a big selection of platforms, together with Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Some of its key options include name forwarding, voicemail, and a web-based administration interface. Yes, 3CX permits making international calls via its VoIP technology, so long as an internet connection is available. This can lead to value savings compared to conventional worldwide calling methods.

This type of communication transforms the best way you and your corporation communicate and collaborate, especially throughout this present time of distant working. Essentially, tailor the live chat to the colors and branding of your organization. This not only provides a way of professionalism but in addition makes your customers feel like they’re speaking to someone who is educated and joyful to help and help them.


As old phones and 3CX business VoIP phone systems are different, updating the former to the latter is very challenging. It’s like bringing two corners of an ocean together. But, if you have professionals by your side, it’s possible.

In Oklahoma City, ITSOFT will help you update your old phones to the 3CX business VoIP phone system, reducing your cost and increasing your productivity. So, contact us today.




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