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From the early telephone systems with dedicated wires to the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems, the evolution has been profound. In this comprehensive blog, we will explore the world of VoIP phone systems, shedding light on what they are, their benefits, and how ITSOFT, based in vibrant Oklahoma City, is leading the charge in providing cutting-edge VoIP solutions that cater to businesses and residences alike.

Understanding VoIP Phone Systems

In the traditional telephone system, each call required a dedicated wire from one end of the conversation to the other. This meant that for the entire duration of a 10-minute call, all those wires were exclusively reserved for that conversation. However, the introduction of advanced VoIP phone systems has revolutionized this scenario.

In a VoIP system, the sending computer breaks down the data into small packets, each with a header that instructs network devices on where to route them. Unlike traditional telephony, where a continuous circuit remains open between two phones during a call, VoIP operates differently. All calls initiated on a wireless network are directed through the internet as VoIP calls.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems offer a plethora of advantages, some of the most significant being:

  • Faster Data Transfer: As calls rely on the internet, voice data is transferred more quickly.
  • Enhanced Call Quality: There are no concerns about poor call quality with long-distance calls.
  • Video Chat: VoIP enables users to build deeper connections with clients through video chat.
  • Cost Savings: VoIP systems eliminate unexpected and exorbitant bills from traditional phone companies.
  • Additional Features: VoIP includes features beyond conventional telephone systems, such as easily adding extensions and employees, caller ID, automatic redialing, and more.

Setting Up a VoIP Server at Home and in the Office

Implementing VoIP phone systems ensures predictable and cost-effective communication without the fear of sudden, staggering phone bills. Features like auto-attendants help direct calls efficiently, and schedules can be set for different language settings during open and closed hours or special messages for holidays. Furthermore, VoIP systems offer additional tools like ring groups and call queues to handle increased call volume effectively.

What to Know When Choosing the Best VoIP Supplier and Installer

Selecting the right VoIP phone system supplier and installer is crucial for a successful implementation. It’s essential to ask the right questions, request a demo, and thoroughly discuss the deployment plan. Consider factors such as cost, features, and scalability when choosing a plan, as they vary among different providers.

Reliability of VoIP Phone Technology

The reliability of VoIP phone technology hinges on a stable internet connection. Unlike traditional telephony, VoIP relies on internet connectivity, making a reliable connection paramount. While VoIP offers excellent reliability under stable conditions, it can be disrupted by power outages or poor internet connectivity. Ensuring you have a functioning PC, microphone, sound card, and reliable internet connection is essential to leverage the benefits of VoIP phone systems fully.

Additional Features in VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems go beyond traditional telephony, offering features that are both advanced and user-friendly. Features such as easily adding extensions and employees, caller ID, automatic redialing, and more are typically included as standard with VoIP technology. Moreover, VoIP endpoints, whether VoIP phones or software-based applications, can connect through various means, including public internet links, local fixed WAN, or mobile carrier services.

ITSOFT: Your Partner in VoIP Phone Systems

In the vibrant landscape of Oklahoma City, ITSOFT is your trusted partner for all your VoIP phone system needs. With a wealth of experience in installing VoIP phone systems and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), we understand the intricacies of helping small and mid-size businesses succeed while harnessing the power of the Cloud. Whether you’re a growing enterprise or a residence seeking cost-effective, efficient communication solutions, ITSOFT is your one-stop destination for VoIP excellence.

The Significance of VoIP in Modern Communication

The advent of VoIP technology has revolutionized modern communication in ways that were once unimaginable. Traditional landline systems relied on dedicated physical wires for each call, resulting in inefficient resource usage and limited scalability. In contrast, VoIP leverages the power of the internet to transmit voice data as digital packets, opening up a world of possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.

One of the most compelling aspects of VoIP is its ability to optimize resource allocation. In the traditional telephone system, the infrastructure had to be extensive and expensive to accommodate the peak call volume, even if those peaks were infrequent. With VoIP, resources are dynamically allocated as needed. When call density spikes, as it often does, VoIP can seamlessly step in to manage the call queue. Intelligent routing ensures that calls are efficiently directed to available agents or sent to voicemail when necessary. Moreover, rules can be configured to route calls through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus before reaching agents, enhancing the customer experience.

VoIP phones themselves are a testament to the convergence of technology and usability. These devices are designed with the modern business environment in mind. They typically feature multiple lines and programmable keys, allowing for efficient multitasking and call management. Furthermore, their compact design, adjustable angles, and versatile placement options make them suitable for any office setup, including wall mounting for space-saving convenience.

The integration of additional features sets VoIP phones apart from their traditional counterparts. Some models come equipped with USB ports, Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, and USB recording features, enhancing their versatility and functionality.


The evolution of communication technology has led us to the era of VoIP phone systems, where efficiency, cost savings, and advanced features converge. ITSOFT, situated in the heart of Oklahoma City, is at the forefront of this technological transformation, offering VoIP solutions that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and residences. By embracing VoIP, you not only enhance communication but also position yourself for success in the digital age. Contact ITSOFT today and embark on a journey toward seamless, cost-effective, and reliable communication.



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