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This is an example of a “picture element” or “pixel”.

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Here are the 6 questions that you will be able to comment on:
1) What are your questions or concerns with Computer Terms and Words?
2) Do you have qualms about some of the abbreviations used in texts? (I knew someone who thought LOL meant “Lots of Love” when it often means “Laugh Out Loud” This error caused a lot of confusion when she wrote LOL about a person dying unexpectedly.)
3) To what extent, are children looking to you for help?
4) How much effort does it take you to figure out computer/technological terms?
5) Overall, has this glossary and definitions list helped you in any way? Please share!
6) What are specific terms or words would you like definitions for?

The Tech terms that we are going to research this week are:.
Breach: Breach refers to an infraction of a standard or a break in trust. So when the word, “breach” is used in technology it is usually speaking of a violation or unauthorized access to data, apps etc. A security breach can range from low-risk to high-threat. Because of the climbing number and increased sophistication of security violations, there are now Breach Response Teams and Breach Professionals.
Keylogger: Keylogger is a combination of two words: “keystroke” and “logging”. Keylogger is a software program or device that is able to record all the keystokes on a computer keyboard. When used covertly, it is considered to be spyware. Besides malicious use by cyber-criminals, some companies have installed a keylogger to track the keystrokes made by their employees at every workstation. The keylogger is recording details of every email, interactions on websites, or on office software. The usage of a keylogger is to prevent data leakage and detect any sensitive or restricted information landing into the wrong hands. This is also used to evaluate an employee’s productivity and efficiency and to increase time management.
Pixels: Pixels or “picture element” is the unit of measurement for digital graphics whether an image, video, text, basically anything visual. Generally, the more pixels per square inch, the higher the resolution and will result in a higher or better quality display.
Pica: Pica is a measurement unit used for copyfitting. A pica is approximately 1/6 of an inch or in other words, there are 6 picas per inch. Picas are used to measure the width and depth of columns and margins.
Font: Font is the style of a text. So no matter what you may be writing, the most important thing to consider is that your content is easy to understand and clear to the Reader. And then the font style should be also readable and legible. Your goal should be for your message to stand out and not your font. Some fonts are more appropriate for business and professional arenas whereas fonts that are more novel can be used for informal settings and more decorative uses. Examples of font styles are: Arial, Times New Roman, Brush Script MT etc. During my research, I came across a website with 283 writing fonts (https://www.fontspace.com/category/writing).
Serif: Serif refers to the small attached line on a letter. Letters without a serif are called sans-serif meaning without a serif. Some examples of letters with serifs are Garamond, Times New Roman, Century, Bookman Old Style. In comparison, sans-serif examples are: Calibri, Verdana, Tahoma. There are new fonts with serifs that are trending for use on the Internet because they are expected to have better contrast and resolution. Be on the look out for Casion, Freight Text, Tiempos Text, Minion and Plantin to just name a few.
Bugs: Bugs in technological terms refers to any error or flaw with a computer program which results in unexpected behavior by that computer program. While some bugs cause inconsequential or insignificant issues, other bugs can cause critical and crucial concerns. Often before a program is released to the public the program will be tested and even go through a period of beta testing. This beta phase is to see how user-friendly and how well it functions in hopes to catch all the bugs prior to its release.
Beta Testing or Beta Version: Beta Testing is the stage or phase where a computer program is being used by people to test or try-out on a trial basis something new before its actual release to the general public. This Beta Version is distributed to these people to hopefully find any bugs or glitches so they can be fixed prior to its official release and publication.

Back to the Basics: Computer Terms and Words 101 SERIES continued in a couple of weeks: 8 more words defined in Part 5.



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