white billowy clouds in a blue sky
We get a lot of info from clouds nowadays and it is not just about weather.

You may have asked “What is the Cloud?” or “How does the Cloud work?” The cloud is an off-site company that stores your data, documents and downloads instead of storing them on your privately-owned computer. This allows someone or companies to be able to focus on their daily business rather than spend time thinking about a slow-running computer or other maintenance issues. So essentially this means that you allow a third party to store data with the hope that it helps keep your computer(s) running faster and trouble-free all without having to really know much about computers. Just think by using the Cloud, you could be set free from having to understand how this technology works and basically have an upgraded system.

As with most any topic there are always pros and cons for the Experts to debate. One of the arguments against using the Cloud is a concern over the potential of crashes. The Naysayers point to past examples of disruptions in 2012 with Netflix and Pinterest and then in 2014 and 2015 with Apple, Adobe, Dropbox, Gmail, Microsoft and Verizon to just name a few. That being said, the above issues only lasted for a few hours.

Another objection concerns access, what if there are changes in the terms of service and the company that you once trusted now begins to charge more for usage.

And then what if there is a policy change concerning “ownership”.  Again the Naysayers are pointing to past issues that have arisen over photos used on Facebook.

ITsoft answers the question: Why go with the Cloud?
• Reduced costs. ITsoft has the ability to offer reduced cost when you migrate to the Cloud. According to research, cloud based applications can be cheaper by as much as 25-50% in terms of total costs.
• Renewed focus. With IT servers and software uploaded to the cloud, companies can focus on their core business area. Cloud systems are continuously upgraded in the while in the background, which keeps your systems at the cutting edge. You are saved the costs and effort of upgrade cycles of outdated software.
• Superior functionality and security. Since ITsoft is an expert in Cloud migration, we can offer much better functionality and security than businesses can manage in-house.
• Access data from anywhere. In an age of distributed and mobile workforce, cloud systems work well for workers who want to access data and to use applications.
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ITsoft is a MSP (Managed Service Provider) that can provide managed services, such as all IT support with software Programming.

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