Man covering woman's eyes with one hand and holding a package wrapped in green giftwrap topped off with a red bow..
“I wanted to surprise you with something to help you ring in the New Year!”

How do you want to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year? How about gifting them with a practical technology tool that just about anyone that owns a cell phone or car would like?

Here are 10 gift suggestions in various price ranges from $3.99 on up. Most of them can be found on Amazon.

1) RFID Blocking Sleeves are a way to give a “Feeling of security from Credit Card fraud”. They are even a perfect gift for those who don’t own any technology but carry credit or debit cards. These sleeves are thin and easily fit into both men and women’s wallets for anti-theft protection. There are packages of 4 wallet sleeves & 2 Passport holders for just $3.99 and many more options like 12 Wallet & 4 Passport for $8.78. And for the Fashionistas on your shopping list, there are ones with different themes: floral, pastels, paisleys, Americano, ones inspired by Vera Bradley and many more. There are even color-coded ones for those who like to organize by color.

2) For $25.99, a Portable Digital Display Air Compressor Pumps are great for pumping up bike and car tires, sports balls and other inflatable items like water floats. Some are consider a SmartPump because they will automatically shut off when the proper pressure has been reached. There is another one on sale for only $16.81 that basically does everything as the above except turn off automatically called Lifeline AAA.

3) USB Flash Drives that are made to travel on your keychain! It has a metal casing that can withstand general wear and tear. The Luboton Flash Drive has 32GB worth of storage. For $6.99 you can buy one, if you have more Peeps to buy for, you can grab 3 for $14.99…wow, if my math serves me correctly that’s only a cool Fiver for each one!

4) The KeySmart family of products from its Classic Key Holder for $22.98 , KeySmart Rugged MultiTool Key Holder & Bottle Opener for $34.99 and the Key Smart Pro Key Holder with LED Light and Tile Smart Technology. This gadget can track down your missing keys or vice versa it can find your missing phone even if the phone ring is on silent! You get all these cool and convenient features for $59.99.

5) Hands-free Cell Phone Holders for vehicles: Bestrix Universal CD Phone Mount for SmartPhones up to 6” for $19.95, IPOW 360 degree rotatable Anti-slip Silicone Car Phone Dashboard Pad Mat for $14.99, Fitfort Universal 360 Rotation Phone Mount $12.99. Depending on the size of your devices and how you wish it to be mounted, there are several options to choose from.

6) MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker SmartWatch for $42.99 sounds like it is easy to personalize and use which is a must for me. I like that the screen is off until I wake it up and that it has a non-activity reminder to tell me to MOVE besides all the other functions like sleep monitoring and it can be synced to include phone, text, FB etc. notifications. Check out Consumer Reports Fitness Tracker Buying Guide at:

7) Bluetooth-enabled Propane Tank Scale by GasWatch. This is a digital propane tank monitor that will keep you posted when your tank needs to be refilled. The App also shows the remaining cook time in hours and minutes as well as in a percentage. This is great for use with gas grills, patio heaters, and any other outdoor propane-driven appliance. $26.96

8) Here is something that you give and hope that they never have to use …a Personal Security Alarm by iMaxAlarm. This keyring alarm is good for Runners, Walkers, Hikers, Campers, or Students etc. This alarm has an extremely loud attention getting or animal deterring sound. $16.95

9) A great device for families to keep everyone’s electronics all charged up while traveling. The X5 Charger by RapidX has 5 USB Ports for rapid charging at 2-2.4 amps and a 5 foot long cable to keep even backseat passengers happy. $24.95

10) Are you ready to explore your world from a different perspective for just $29.95? The SmartPhone-powered VR (Virtual Reality) Headset by VR KiX allows you to engage in a 360 degree experience. This headset enlarges your Smartphone’s screen into a lifelike 3D adventure. The maker explains it like this: “fight off alien invaders, watch a concert like you’re there or take a tour of a foreign land.” Since you need to download apps and games onto your phone first, you probably need to get this gadget well BEFORE Christmas to make sure it works aka “try it out and have FUN with it”. This only makes sense since you’ll have to stand in line on Christmas morning to take your turn! LOL!



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