Smart gadgets for Smart Sleep, picture of a guy Falling Asleep/ Flying through air into bed

We want SmartPhones, SmartHomes. How does SmartSleep sound to you?!?

Rumpled comforter on an unmade bed

Your bed is calling you… sleep, sleep, you are getting sleepy!

Sleep is something that we all do. Many people insist that they need a full 8 hours and there are severe warnings to others that don’t get 8 hours that they may be placing their health at risk. So the answer for those who need more sleep may lie somewhere now in the world of technology. Some people may rely on their Sport Watches like Fitbits to help them monitor their sleep. Another option is sleeping on a “Beddit” mattress pad. Since Beddit is made for your bed, there is nothing to wear or remember. Their ad says that “all you need to do is sleep.” With Beddit you receive insights on why you are sleeping well and why you are not getting the quality and quantity of sleep that you may want by measuring heart rate, your breathing and whether you’re snoring. And then all the results are sent by Bluetooth Smart Data Transfer. So now you don’t have to rely on someone lying awake next to you to let you know that you are snoring up a storm sounding like a chain saw!
There are several options for us to know more about this time of unconsciousness called sleep. One is deliberately designed for children to help them “sleep tight”. There is a night light built-in under the bed to scare away monsters and their shadows. Plus the head portion is tilt-able which helps with stuffed-up noses during colds and allergies. There is also a unit to be able to connect with WiFi/Bluetooth so they can drift off listening to their favorite music or story.

The options for adults almost seem endless. IF the above features attract you, the Beautyrest SleepTracker Monitor is an Alexa enabled SmartHome gadget that makes your bed a SmartBed. It is able to monitor two sleepers independently and is continuously learning your sleep patterns and rhythms and uses this nocturnal data for sleep coaching tips. Like Beddit, your bed wears the sensors rather than you.

IF you happen to sleep alone, ResMedS+ has a Personal Sleep Solution that syncs with your SmartPhone and delivers personalized feedback about your sleep habits, bedroom environment like sounds, light levels and temperature. This gadget uses ultrasonic pulses to keep track of your sleep.
There is another gadget that is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa that tracks and improves your transitions into and out of sleep with a combination of sound and lights. Instead of an alarm to wake you up, there’s a SmartWakeUpLight and SmartSunsetLighting to help you relax as you drift off to sleep. You can also track your snoozing on your SmartPhone. Supplement these core features with a Wireless Blood-pressure Monitor, a SmartThermometer and/or a Heart Health and Body Composition Body Cardio!
ITsoft wishes you Sweet Dreams and to All a Good Night!