19 very old cell phones on pieces of weathered wood with a sign that says: Please Destroy Cell Phones Before Entering.

What happens in Barcelona, does NOT stay in Barcelona (unlike Las Vegas!)

A Hand holding a cell phone against a blurred floral background.

Soon to be considered out-of-date and replaced by a flexible, foldable cellphone.

MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019 takes place February 25-28 in Barcelona. MWC is considered the single most important mobile technologies trade show in the world. This is where leading edge technologies by Samsung, Huawei, LG, Royole to just name a few are introduced to the world.

The market place reports tell us that new cell phone purchases have been down. They speculate that many Consumers who had gotten caught up into the buying frenzy of buying a new cellphone didn’t find really any new bells and whistles. They just got a longer battery life, a better camera or record breaking speeds and they decided that since the ROI (Return on Investment) was lower than what they had anticipated that they’d take their money and spend it elsewhere. Nothing drives capitalism like good old fashion competition so we will see
So what’s new and trending in the digital world to make us sit up and take notice? The latest rage needs a catchy name. They need to sponsor a naming contest: “Here’s your chance to name this revolutionary new technology!” The predictions are that this new gadget will become so enthusiastically received that in a short time span that most cellphone users will own one.

Let me introduce you to the latest and greatest cellphone advancement: the flexible and foldable smart phone. These new phones are not just a relaunch of the old flip phone but are phones that can be unfolded and expanded to tablet-size smartphones or/ able to fold up on itself to make a very small device or/ are able to wraparound your wrist or/ even roll itself up like a tubular scroll. What makes this foldability possible is the flexible OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). One thing that makes them unique is that they won’t require any back-lighting and will have brighter, bolder and more vivid colors than the thick LED displays like on Christmas lights or TV screens.

We will find out how close they are to launch this innovative product at the MWC2019. Rumor has it that a few companies are going to launch their flagship products a week prior to MWC2019. Royole FlexPai is already available for purchase for $1318. Huawei will be showing their 5G foldable phone, Motorola’s foldable RAZR V4. LG and Apple have filed and acquired patents for a foldable phone.
With over 2,400 companies having a presence in the exhibition there is going to be a lot of industry changing announcements. Some of the themes that will be covered at the event are Intelligent Connectivity, AI, Disruptive Innovation, Digital Wellness and The Future.