Human-like Robot with its inner mechanical working parts exposed where skin should be covering.
Robots replace Celebrities in Super Bowl commercials.

Were you one of the previous diehard Viewers that found something else to do? This year viewership was down 7% which made this Super Bowl the least watched Super Bowl since 2009. According to the Nielsen ratings this decline was also echoed during the regular NFL game season.

IF you are like me, who normally fast forward through the ads, during the Super Bowl I watch and compare and choose my favorite ones. First of all, I want to see what has been created to justify the exorbitant cost that advertisers are currently paying $5.25 million dollars for 30 seconds of air-time, a cool $10.4 million dollars for 60 seconds and a mammoth $15.6 million dollars for 90 seconds. And secondly, it is always fun to hear from others what caught their attention and maybe even caused a chuckle.

I have often heard that if you want to up the level of your viewership than you need to include babies and pets. I noticed that WeatherTech used this technique in one of their Super Bowl ads. Join Scotty the Golden Retriever as he gives you a tour of WeatherTech and for good measure they have BOTH cats and dogs in their commercial: Here WeatherTech introduces us to a non-toxic pet feeding station. This next ad has both a dog and horses to satisfy our pet-ophile cravings, see for yourself at:

This year we saw a few ads with Bots. Amazon used it’s Alexa in a surprising and unexpected way in an interaction with a dog that orders his own dog food, gravy and sausages. Watch at: .

Google took on the societal issue of showing how technology can benefit and breakthrough global differences with an app on your cell phone that is a language translator. Watch at:

In the past, Advertisers often used celebrity endorsements to promote their products. This year Robots took center stage in commercials by

  •  Anheuser-Busch’s Michelob:
  • Intuit:
  • Simplisafe:
  • Sprint:
  • Turbo Tax:

Are you ready, willing and able to accept AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the life-changing technologies that are on the horizon?



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