ITSOFT Can Help Trucking Logistic Companies by Creating a Website for Them to Track Driver Routes Every Day, with Their GPS System, But Why Will It Save You Money on Your Costs?

Trucking logistic companies lose a lot of money that they could use to make their services better or expand their business. Most of the issues arise because they find it difficult to manage routes and trucking drivers as they have no visibility of routes and knowledge of where their drivers are. However, all of this can be changed by owning an innovative website.

How ITSOFT in Oklahoma City Helps Trucking Logistic Companies by Creating a Website

For small trucking logistic companies in Oklahoma City and neighboring regions, ITSOFT delivers aggressive, feature-rich options and exceed your standards when it comes to developing and designing websites. We design easy-to-navigate, elegant, and effective trucking logistic business websites, and also integrate CMS for better content management.

We will additionally use lovely picture sliders to make your website extra interesting. We also make it easier for you to find out where your truck drivers are, which routes have been completed, and which are pending by integrating a GPS system to your trucking logistic business website.

This will help you increase productivity by reducing idle times, better manage fuel consumption, and save money by covering more routes in the same time and reducing fuel consumption. Besides, it also improves your reputation in the eyes of your clients as you are well-aware of where exactly your trucking drivers are and can efficiently manage your trucking logistic business. This is all possible only when you have a great feature-rich website.  

At ITSOFT in Oklahoma City, we have a staff of website designers and developers with expertise that focuses on enhanced individual expertise, utmost flexibility, and great content material. To make things even easier for you, we can also include other features in your website such as Routing, Truck Usage Records, Tracking, Automated Billing, Reporting, and Security features.

How Trucking Logistics Businesses Can Save Money by Owning a Well-Designed Website

Major trucking and logistics providers use consignment monitoring on their websites. In addition to being very handy and stress-reducing, this feature can reduce the dangers of unintentional delays or errors and save your reputation along with your money. At ITSOFT in Oklahoma City, we have everything you need for a well-optimized, well-designed, and well-functioning website for your transportation and logistics business.

With our responsive website design for your trucking & logistic company, your business is visible on all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. From drivers reporting on the highway to clients checking shipments, your website is a digital dispatch medium for important data.

Social media plays a big function in at present’s advertising, and we harness those channels with proven strategies that assess your site-specific site visitors. Our precise route-tracking and data-tracking processes embrace analytics that establish and quantify activity, and you will get insightful reports on a regular basis.

For logistics and transportation companies, visibility is way necessary and mobile-responsive websites can assist the managers to review the functions using their smartphone as well. Online presence also aids in lowering the efficiency gaps, enhancing the agility, and make data-driven business selections.

Methods to Minimize Transportation Costs

One of the often missed, but also necessary, functions of efficient websites is that they allow for route tracking and database for storing necessary documents. Each truck load has quite a few documents concerned with it – tenders, BOLs, PODs, invoices, proof of insurance, provider packets, and so on.

Effective transportation management websites and even mobile apps are capable of storing paperwork which you can view and use whenever needed. Once an account is created in the website, the shipper or intermediary can send the carrier the load tender. A copy of that tender will have to be on file for review and auditing purposes later. Carriers obtain the BOLs from the shipper and sometimes have them signed on the receiver as a “Proof of Delivery”. Shippers also need a replica of this to determine fee of the service.

Once you find a market to enter, you can start charting your path to success with an effective website. Truck drivers are solely allowed to be actively on-duty for 14 straight hours during a 24-hour interval. Following their stretch of on-duty time, truckers must take a 10-hour break. Keeping a record of all this through a website allows you to reduce errors and enhance safety of your employees as well.

The current Google business model features a pay-per-use system for APIs. If your trucking logistic business is spread across different time zones, a Time Zone API can be integrated — this interface allows users to find out the time zones of various locations worldwide. This API supplies the time zone and the current time in UTC which ultimately lead to financial savings.

How Integrating GPS with Websites Help Trucking Logistic Companies?

In modern times, Web GIS has been used for integration and visualization of online mapping. For acceptable functioning, such mapping systems require many parameter values that are difficult to measure within the area which has limited their usefulness for practical purposes. Satellite remote sensing data has been available from Landsat multi spectral scanner. Before this, single broad-spectrum aerial images were used for mapping and geomorphological features. These are some of the most important applications for efficiently track land use and to track land changes. All of this ultimately help in creating efficient GPS systems that can now be integrated to websites and applications for route tracking and planning.

Develop Websites with GPS Tracking to Increase Growth of Trucking Logistic Companies

A Global Positioning System is a computer-based device able to acquiring, storing, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying spatially referenced knowledge. Spatially referenced knowledge is information that is recognized in accordance with its geographic location (e.g., features corresponding to streets, mild poles, and fireplace hydrants are linked by geography). We aim to boost your transportation and logistics business productivity with ever reliable navigation, maps and tracking.

At ITSOFT in Oklahoma City, we focus on identifying all your needs and goals that allow your trucking logistic business to maintain market dominance. We ensure that you save money by having all the necessary advanced and innovative website features at your disposal. We offer our services at very affordable prices that you will find in your budget. To create an innovative website for your trucking logistic business in Oklahoma City, contact ITSOFT today.



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