We can setup your business with a new DIGITAL foot print We can help your business to be more efficient

ITsoft can use the above experience areas, for you We can setup your company to be fully automated

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What ITsoft can do for your business, to help your office needs.


ITsoft Managed Services & how we can help you

  • ITsoft is a managed service provider that focuses on anything from low end PC support, high end network and security solutions.
  • ITsoft focuses on Client cloud migrations and unified communications. Also ITsoft has experience in serving varying sizes of businesses across a wide variety of industries.
  • ITsoft helps its clients achieve their business leadership objectives by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their information technology system.

ITsoft Managed Services areas of work

  • Applications
  • Databases
  • Transportation
  • Information Services Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Storage
  • Security
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Network Management
  • User Management
  • Data Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Systems Management
  • Software – Production, Support and maintenance
  • Communication Services Internet
  • Email (provided by an ITsoft Email service)
  • VOIP Telephone
  • TelePresence
  • Videoconferencing (provided by a ITsoft Video Conference)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (Provided by a ITsoft VoIP)


ITsoft is a MSP (Managed Service Provider) that can provide managed services, such as all IT support with software Programming.

Mike Treat

ITsoft LLC

CEO Architect

425 830 4000


  • Give  your Company IT SUPPORT for all your office network
  • Get your company Cyber security setup and fully working
  • Transform your business app processes to be more efficient
  • Help your staff with training Windows Apps like Excel, Word
  • Program new business Apps for your staff, more efficiently

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