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What ITsoft can do for your business, to help your office needs.


ITsoft Unified Communications & VOIP Phones.

ITsoft understands that Unified Communication Solutions can really increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. That’s why our systems are designed to ensure maximum up time by providing load balancing mechanisms, ruggedized components, monitoring capabilities with automated alerts, and a variety of utilities for increased reliability.

Collaboration Applications:

  • Voice
  • VOIP phones
  • Video
  • Web conferencing
  • Messaging
  • Mobile applications
  • Enterprise social software

ITsoft will keep your company connected and productive.

Customer Collaboration:

  • Keep closer to your customers while increasing satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Proactively connect your people with the data, expertise, and support they need.
  • Telepresence: ITsoft Unified Communication powers a new way of working, where your company’s employees can be more productive through peer to peer collaboration.

Unified Communications Benefits:

  • Connect with co-workers, partners, and customers with the data and expertise they need.
  • Access and share video, in the office and on the road, and on-demand.
  • Setup and have better interactions, dynamically bringing together people, workgroups, and teams.
  • Extend the work network so mobile workers can be productive where ever they are.
  • Get your company setup to being productive by integrating collaboration and communications with applications and business processes.