We can setup your business with a new DIGITAL foot print We can help your business to be more efficient

ITsoft can use the above experience areas, for you We can setup your company to be fully automated

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What ITsoft can do for your business, to help your office needs.


Why go with the Cloud

  • Reduced costs. ITsoft has the ability to offer reduced cost when you migrate to the Cloud. According to research, cloud based applications can be cheaper by as much as 25-50% in terms of total costs.
  • Renewed focus. With IT servers and software uploaded to the cloud, companies can focus on their core business area. Cloud systems are continuously upgraded in the while in the background, which keeps your systems at the cutting edge. You are saved the costs and effort of upgrade cycles of legacy software.
  • Superior functionality and security. Since ITsoft is expert in Cloud migration, they can offer much better functionality and security than businesses can manage in-house.
  • Access data from anywhere. In an age of distributed and mobile workforce, cloud systems work well for workers who want to access data and to use applications.

ITsoft can move you to the Cloud

  • Are you a small business that doesn’t have the capital to purchase new servers, licensing, and all of the items you need in order to do that upgrade? Consider moving your hardware servers into the Cloud.
  • Don’t be intimidated! “The Cloud” is just another way of saying “on the internet”. You’ve been doing it since you have been in business using the internet.
  • ITsoft helps small and medium businesses transition easily and inexpensively to the Cloud. Whether it’s a full cloud based system with virtual desktops or just using Cloud applications.
  • ITsoft has the experience and know how to help your business succeed, while using the Cloud.

Here are the five steps we use for moving your business to the Cloud


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to migrate my data and applications?
A. Once Migration technicians have the information and access they need to perform the migration, it generally takes 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the project.
Q. Is it possible to lose data from my on-site server during migration?
A. No. ITsoft’s migration team makes a copy of the data from your current environment. We remotely use the copy to move the data onto our server. We’ll never delete data from your on-site server. Once the migration is complete, it is up to you to delete anything you no longer need on-site.
Q. How are the migration fees calculated?
A. We will give you a flat rate estimated cost for getting the job done. Generally this is what the final cost is, unless there is unknown factors that come up, or more requests are asked.
Q. How do I sign up for remote migration services from ITsoft?
A. Ask your account team or call 425-577-6200 and talk to a ITsoft’s Solutions Advisor.
Q. What if I need IT support after the migration is complete?
A. Remote Migration Service is a one-time event, but ITsoft would like to manage and maintain your Servers on the Cloud on a long term basis. This is something we can discuss from the beginning with you, when we are talking about migrating your company to the Cloud. We also can help you with Unified communications(including VOIP phone systems, Managed Services, and software development projects.  ITsoft is always available to answer questions and address issues related to the actual cloud server infrastructure and operations.


ITsoft is a MSP (Managed Service Provider) that can provide managed services, such as all IT support with software Programming.

Mike Treat

ITsoft LLC

CEO Architect

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  • Give  your Company IT SUPPORT for all your office network
  • Get your company Cyber security setup and fully working
  • Transform your business app processes to be more efficient
  • Help your staff with training Windows Apps like Excel, Word
  • Program new business Apps for your staff, more efficiently

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